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An Individual Care Plan for each child is required to be completed by the parent/guardien before any Nanny or Babysitting Service commences. This is completed on the first day the Nanny is with you. Where the Nanny is caring for children in an ‘Event’ (an event being a wedding) and the parent is present or around the Nanny will note down any requirements. The Individual Care Plan is only be completed by the parent/guardian with the Nanny at the beginning of the first shift in order to gain a full unders The Individual Care Plan requires the authorising signature of parent/guardian for consent purposes. Your final balance however can be paid with credit/debit cards or cash.

Final payment is to be paid direct to the Nanny on the last working shift in full. This may be altered for Nannies required at ‘Events’ (An ‘Event’ being a wedding for example) where by payment is paid within 48 hours after the event. This will be confirmed at the time of booking, dependant on who is paying the bill whether it be the Event Organiser or parents at the time. When you hire a Nanny from Little Ducklings your Nanny is solely committed to you for the time you choose. For Bank Holiday and Fiestas there is a different charge, please enquire for these charges If you choose not to use the Nanny for the whole time of the service booked there are no refund or price reductions. This applies to all services listed except babysitting. However, the Nanny is available 'on call' for you during the times listed and booked. Payment for babysitting is to be paid direct to the childcarer at the end of the shift. We will aim to provide you with a Nanny close to your location. Travel costs will be calculated and are payable direct to the Nanny at the end of each shift.