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Little Ducklings Prices and Packages

At Little Ducklings we are here for you and your family’s needs and therefore we try our best to be flexible. Due to the high demand for our wonderful nannies we do get fully booked very quickly especially during the high season (May-September) This is why we ask that you leave plenty of time to make your booking to ensure that all of your needs are met. To help you we have 3 packages available for you.

For families that require lots of flexibility and hours from their nanny. To make this possible we really get to know the family, to ensure we find them the nanny that is best for them. This is possible through meetings, calls and Skype dates. For this option we charge a monthly, discounted fee which includes monthly reviews, cover if your nanny is ill and for us to be available to help you at any time. If a nanny is required to travel outside of a 15 KM round trip from her home a travel cost will be added. If the child has any aditional needs the ratio is 1 to 1. If any of the hours booked are not used, they are still required to be paid for in full, as the nanny has been made available for you for that time. For more information and our function rates of pay please call or email us.

Safe Guarding

Safe guarding is a vitally important part of Little Ducklings. Each Nanny has liability insurance for your peace of mind, and their own. Each nanny will fill out an individual care plan for your children. This takes around 15 minutes to complete on the first day of care and provides the nanny with any information she may need when your child is in her care. We have several other forms including medical/accident/incident forms, and each Nanny has their own clearly marked uniform and matching backpack with an emergency tag to show that there is a child in their care. Our nannies are multi-lingual, are versed in several methods of child care theorists and our nannies arrange play dates together with parental consent.